Everybody is striving for that young-looking, wrinkle-free appearance and renewed radiance. Billions of rupees are expended on lotions and medicines that claim to work marvels but often leave the customer disenchanted with the outcomes. Now, individuals can achieve an instantaneous dramatic effect to invigorate their looks and restrain the years! Thanks to the miracle product of Botox. If you are troubled by wrinkles and other signs of aging, then a Botox treatment in Delhi at SCULPT Clinic could be very advantageous. It is a treatment that offers a speedy and effective solution in assisting to diminish the look of facial lines and wrinkles. Over time, aging, stress and everyday environmental elements can take their toll on your face making it look mature than it should. If you desire to get back that youthful look with Botox Treatment, you can visit SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic in South Delhi.

Botox treatment is completely safe, simple and trouble-free. This wrinkle treatment can easily bring the relaxed look to your face that you always wished to have. Besides wrinkles sweaty underarms can also be treated with botox. We should be thankful for medical science having the latest treatments to bring prominent changes to your entire personality such as botox treatment in Delhi and Dr. Hema Pant is the renowned name when it comes about the best dermatologist in Delhi.

At the clinic, we offer widespread options such as botox injections for wrinkle, anti-aging injections, fine lines wrinkles treatment, botox for under-eye wrinkles, lip lines, bunny lines, frown lines, forehead wrinkles, forehead lines, worry lines, eyebrow lift, crow’s feet, gummy smile, dimpled chin, marionette lines, marionette folds, platysmal bands, nasolabial lines, perioral wrinkles, perioral lines, chin wrinkles, glabellar lines, droopy eyelids, jaw line, neck wrinkles, puffy eyes, etc. To know more about the botox treatment cost, visit the clinic today!

botox treatment

What are botox injections?

When it comes to an age-old and most ubiquitous methodology of diminishing wrinkles and frown lines that makes the face look mature, Botox is the supreme treatment out there. Botox is the trade name for Botulinum toxin, which is expansively used in cosmetic and medical fields. Being a quick and non-invasive process, it can impart you a more young-looking appearance.

How is the process carried out?

Botox treatments are simple and overpoweringly trouble-free. These anti-ageing injections can take up to 20 minutes, reliant on how many immunizations are needed. The doctor will start by first marking the points he will be immunizing with a marking pencil. These points will not essentially be on the line or wrinkle you desire to remove, but will be where your facial muscles contract. You may then be given a topical anesthesia to moderate any pain. The botox is then immunized into the marked points just underneath your skin. You may feel a small prick at the inoculation site, or you may feel no pain of any type. It only takes 10-15 minutes per sitting of Botox treatment and the outcomes will be traceable within 3-5 days and would last for about 3 months.

Are botox injections painful?

Botox injections are not as painful as they are supposed to be. Approximating dermal fillers, the pain felt from botox injection is manageable. This treatment is also documented as “lunch break injection” since it is a simple and quick technique and doesn’t have any distractions in between.

What about the downtime of botox injections?

Botox treatments are usually very quick and simple. This treatment doesn’t demand any downtime, however it is recommended that you should not sleep by lying back for the first few hours post-procedure.