You see it ubiquitously, teens wrestle over it, adults and children are stricken too. No age, gender or race appears to be safe. Acne is so common that it is accepted as just a part of life, although a most unsolicited part. In our day and age, having a good appearance is everything, particularly to young folks. Being acne free is a challenging thing to achieve during teenage years. To let you accomplish this aim, SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic offers a catholic array of effective acne scar treatment in Delhi under the supervision of the best dermatologist for acne. You can get the best deals here as well when it comes to acne scar removal cost.

There are different types of acne scars but fortunately, Dr. Hema Pant is a one-stop solution in respect of having acne scar removal in Delhi. Being the best dermatologist for acne scars, she always serves the detailed information about acne scars and dermatologist acne treatment to the patients. Acne is one of the most common skin issues. But it requires having acne scar treatment in Delhi if acne scar starts affecting your personality and confidence. Combination approach to treat acne scars with needle radiofrequency and lasers depending on the type of scars.

acne scar treatment

What is acne?

Acne is an enormously common skin complaint that affects individuals of all ages and has a comprehensive range of levels when it comes to severity. The scientific term for acne is “acne vulgaris”, which factually means, “common acne” Acne is most importantly an unpleasant and uncomfortable skin condition marked by the spots it leaves on numerous body parts, apparently directing and specializing in one or two specific regions such as the face or back. These spots aren’t just your regular whiteheads or blackheads often linked with rampant hormones or eating too much chocolate either. Rather, they are skin glands which have been stricken and, if not appropriately looked after will ultimately develop into nasty lesions leaving behind unpleasant scars.

What is the primary cause of acne?

More topical research has recommended that hormonal variation in the body may be the chief cause of acne, such as during adolescence, pregnancy, menstruation, and times of anxiety when the skin is inclined to be oilier. When dead skin cells and sebum block pores, acne develops.

What are the basic types of acne scars?

There are sketchily three categories of acne scars :

  • Icepick scars: They resemble the wounds left by an ice pick i.e. deep, pointed and with instable edges. They are often found on the cheeks and nose.
  • Rolling scars: They are wider then 4-5mm and have a rolling or dumped appearance. These give the skin a rolling or swelling appearance.
  • Boxcar scars: Boxcar scars are about 3mm and resemble enormously to chicken pox scars. They have round and oval depression and have piercing vertical edges.

How acne is frequently treated?

At SCULPT Clinic in Delhi, our across-the- board range of acne scars removal treatments encompass:

  • Acne needle RF treatment: Acne needle RF treatment is a process that endeavors to improve collagen level by needle spur. Wrinkles that are prompted because of ageing and acne scars are unquestionably removed using this treatment and it makes you look young and fervent. The process is predominantly implemented using a machine which has micro needles. In the method, approximately 25 micro needles are vaccinated in the affected region and then is treated consequently.
  • Acne laser treatment: Laser treatment for acne scars via resurfacing incorporates removing the epidermal layer of the skin and going underneath it to the dermal layer. The healing process leaves you scar-free and with a glibber skin.
  • Chemical peels: A chemical peel might be a sensible route for those with mild to moderate acne. In this process, a product that comprises of acid is applied to your skin. The purpose is to remove the exterior surface layer of the skin. Over the next some days or weeks, the surface skin will slough off and shed away and new, healthy skin will arise. The new skin will have less acne blemishes and scarcer obvious acne scars that you can flaunt.