What is dermatology and who is a dermatologist?

From an allergic rash to dry skin, people face many skin conditions from time-to-time. But even a minor skin condition could have a major impact on self-confidence and mental health. For example, medical science links psoriasis to depression and acne can severely impact your confidence. Who a dermatologist is? A consultant dermatologist is an expert...

May 18, 2019
LHR vs. Electrolysis

It pains; there’re side effects and it’s expensive but laser hair removal worth every penny spent on it. Every user review about LHR starts on suspicion but concludes on satisfaction. This treatment worth every penny spent on it. So, why hair removal is so dear to women. There’s no better feeling than experiencing the ultimate...

April 17, 2019
How much Bollywood Divas love Botox treatment?

Botox treatment is the secret behind the evergreen beauty of Bollywood actresses. Botox is a kind of drug used for treating wrinkles and fine lines and this treatment gives excellent results. And there is hardly any actress that isn’t a Botox beauty. Let’s meet the top B-Actresses Karina Kapoor Khan Bebo first appeared on the...

March 4, 2019
Skin Specialist Doctor Near Me

Dr. Pant has achieved milestones in her career. She has achieved marked success in surgical,medical and cosmetic dermatology. Feel free to drop at best skin specialist doctor near by and get all your skin issues resolved. You can meet her at the most accessible location at SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, Defence Colony, South Delhi...

February 12, 2019
What is dermatologist?

Who wouldn’t have wished for a flawless skin, supple texture, healthy hair, symmetrical features or natural glow that stays with us all the time. This has been the criteria in everybody’s wishlist but the environment we live in or the lifestyle we have in such complexity has really made it hard to achieve our dream...

February 11, 2019
Now, Let Everyone Guess Your Age

Are you fighting with the signs of aging? Are fine lines, wrinkles and botox making you pessimistic? Are they lessening your confidence? Now, it’s possible to bid them goodbye with Skin treatment. This is currently the most popular procedure performed to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In this procedure, Botulinum toxin is...

August 16, 2018
Why is Laser Hair Removal better over the Traditional Methods?

It is needless to say that unsolicited hair can pose a real challenge when it actually appear in unsolicited places or in too much volume on the arms, face armpits, along the bikini line and legs. Shaving waxing and tweezing are some of the common and outdated approaches for confiscating the unsolicited hair growth. Laser...

May 14, 2018
Removing Acne Scars with Professional Treatment to enjoy a Perfect Skin

Best Acne Scar Removal Clinic in Delhi Summary : Thousands of people in this modern era choose to live a life filled with happiness, joy and beauty. With confidence they want to start their day and make it wonderful and memorable as ever. But many do not have the opportunity to fulfill their dream. People often...

April 23, 2018
Best Dermatologist in Delhi

Get most advanced skin care in warm and friendly environment A dermatologist is capable of treating various types of the issues related to skin, hair, scalp as well as the nails. Through the utilization of the most advanced technologies, lasers, and equipment, the field of dermatology imparts you...

February 26, 2018