Are you spending wastefully a lot of time having to cope with unsolicited hair? There are stacks of options for eliminating undesirable hair like tweezing, waxing and shaving but the one that many more individuals, both males and females, are going for at the present time is permanent laser hair removal. It is not surprising for folks to be embarrassed by the hair that is all over their body. There are voluminous ways to cart off hair but none is more competent than laser hair reduction treatment. This methodology that started out as a celebrity phenomenon has speedily grown into something superior and more popular. If you are keen in learning more about pain-free laser hair removal in Delhi, you should visit SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic located in South Delhi. The clinic offers SCITON laser hair removal technique at affordable Laser hair removal cost.

Whether you are a male or female, your body looks amazing without unwanted hairs. Do you want to flaunt your beautiful body with confidence? You just need to have the laser hair removal in south Delhi. Most people have a myth that it is not safe. But it is completely safe and must be done by the best dermatologist in Delhi for hair. The best thing is that laser hair removal in Delhi is available for anybody part be it chest, legs, back, underarms, upper lip or chin.

laser hair removal

What is laser hair removal process?

Laser hair reduction is the process of eradicating uninvited hair from your body portions by using the laser technology whereby the device emits a mild ray of focused light on the targeted hair zones incapacitating the hair follicles. It is an effective, harmless and unparalleled technique renowned beyond a doubt to remove undesired body hairs.

How does laser hair removal work?

A laser hair reduction treatment uses specifically designed laser to heat the hair follicles and render them sedentary. The energy from the lasers used is captivated by the pigment in the hair tube recognized as melanin and any ensuing hair that matures from this hair follicle will be much daintier in color. After a few treatments, numerous individuals find that their laser hair removal treatments have produced lasting outcomes.

For whom is laser hair removal suitable?

It is not apt for everybody. The general rule is that the hair in question must be of darker color than the skin nearby it. If the skin has a very dark pigmentation, it may absorb excessive laser energy, and so the treatment is not worthwhile. Those who are bronzed with light hair are also inappropriate. Those who are tanned with dark hair should not have the treatment until their tan has washed-out.

What regions of the body can be treated using laser hair treatment?

Laser hair removal can be implemented on virtually every part of the body excluding the eye zone. Nowadays, people prefer to undergo laser hair removal for face, chest, back, chin, full-arms, underarms, full-legs, abdomen and bikini-line. Full body laser hair removal for men and women is also a good option.

How much time is needed?

The time desirable to eliminate undesirable hair by laser differs depending on the part of your body to be treated. Underarm, chin and upper lip for example can be done in just a couple of minutes while bigger regions such as your back, chest and legs take some long hours.

How many sessions are required?

An individual will in most cases necessitate several sessions of laser treatment in order to get the most results. The number of laser sessions is determined by the individual’s skin tone and the color and roughness of the hair.

Is it safe?

Laser hair removal is safe and usually after the treatment is administered, the patient’s skin might experience a little redness or pinkness on the targeted hair areas. Eventually, this color will most likely disappear in a few minutes, a few hours and rarely, in a few days.

How does it feel?

When laser voyages through the skin, some individuals feel a small nip on the skin. Some feel it is cool while for others, it is like a mild rubber band snap. If uneasiness is felt and you can’t bear it, mild anesthetics are the solution.

What makes laser hair reduction so popular?

The prime reason behind the admiration of laser hair removal has to be the eternal hair removal results that can be accomplished. Such a treatment is also effectively pain-free and when equated with other body hair removal routes such as shaving, plucking and waxing there categorically is no comparison.

Are there any side effects?

The only side effect that you might experience after a laser hair removal treatment is a minor reddening of the skin. This typically lasts for roughly 20 minutes but will depend on your skin sensitivity.