Laser Skin Resurfacing

If you are beginning to notice that your skin is starting to look years older than you really are or that you have heaps of wrinkles and skin flaws that have unexpectedly appeared overnight, then you may be eyeing for options that can make you look young and more pulsating again. Rather than trusting on those innumerable beauty creams that promise to revivify your skin so that it appears new and soft, you can reconnoiter what laser skin resurfacing in Delhi can do for you at SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic. We offer the most reasonable laser skin resurfacing cost in India.

laser skin resurfacing

What is skin resurfacing?

Skin resurfacing is a form of cosmetic surgery that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, discolorations and fine lines that appear on the face from aging, lengthy exposure to the sun and other environmental elements. This treatment can be implemented anywhere on the face.

Who are ideal skin resurfacing candidates?

A person can be a good contender for skin resurfacing if he or she has one or more of these disorders:

  • crumpled or sun-damaged facial skin,
  • vertical wrinkles around mouth, such as those that cause lipstick “bleed”
  • fine creasing or wrinkling on upper eyelids,
  • Your skin is stained with brown spots
  • You have mutilations that have made the surface of your skin jagged
  • You have certain precancerous skin development
  • You have acne or chicken pox blemishes and even superficial facial blemishes from any past injury.

How is the skin resurfacing procedure done?

The three most common approaches of skin resurfacing are chemical peeling, which encompasses the application of an acidic solution; dermabrasion, which makes use of high-speed rotatory wheel and laser resurfacing that uses a laser beam on the skin.

What is chemical peeling for skin?

A chemical peel solution may be applied to the whole face or just on certain zones, which needs to be treated as per the patient’s requirement, such as the crow’s feet region near your eyes or the vertical crinkles near your mouth. The doctor will decide that how long the solution should be left on your face by vigilantly observing any changes in the appearance of your skin.

What is dermabrasion?

In the process of dermabrasion treatment, an injury is made on the zone to be treated approximating scraping your knee. This technique uses a small, hurriedly-spinning wheel with an abraded surface resembling fine-grained sandpaper to scratch the skin for exterminating the upper layers of the region to be treated. Sometimes, this resurfacing procedure is selected for treating the facial marks which are normally prompted by acne.

What is laser resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing predominantly has two approaches. In the first process, an unvarying injury is formed in the region to be treated, just like in the case of profounder chemical peel or dermabrasion. In the second technique, the laser ray is used to drill miniature holes into profounder sheets of the skin. Like other resurfacing approaches, the laser resurfacing is also effective in treating wrinkles, blotchiness or age spots and acne blemishes.