Thermage Skin Tightening

In today’s day and age, it doesn’t take much convincing to encourage anybody to diminish lines and crinkles and aspire to reinstate some of the smooth skin charm of youth. Who could have imagined 40 years ago that you could lay into radio frequencies just underneath your skin and see the sort of skin tightening enhancement that would seem to turn the age in reverse! Yes, it is true! With thermage skin tightening in Delhi at SCULPT Clinic, you can get back that youthful glow again. To know about thermage treatment cost Visit SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic.

Thermage is actually FDA approved process based on ThermaCool TC. Apart from a healthy diet and life routine to keep your youthful glow alive, it requires thermage treatment in Delhi by Dr. Hema Pant. It is always advised to get thermage skin tightening treatment by the experienced doctor so that you will have the best contour and tightening without any side-effects or risks.

thermage skin tightening

What is thermage skin tightening?

Thermage is an FDA approved process based on technology called ThermaCool TC. Thermage in Delhi is a procedure that refurbishes collagen production by heating collagen in the lower sheets of skin causing tightening of collagen and renovation of collagen production. A small probe is applied to the skin which releases radio frequency energy (heat) to the dermis where collagen is manufactured. This energy elicits collagen production which supplies structure to the skin. Collagen upgrading over time leads to a younger-looking skin. Thermage skin tightening treatment is generally used to treat the forehead, brow, eyes, mid and lower face and also the neck. It is not meant to be a standby for the facelift, but is a non-surgical alternative in minor cases of collagen collapse to help refurbish robust skin.

Who are idyllic thermage contenders?

Thermage is considered as one of the handpicked alternatives by folks who are dejected of the prominent ageing signs that appear on their face and want to shoo them away in a safe way. You can go for this treatment:

  • If you have small to equitable slack skin on your face, neck, arms or tummy
  • If you have residual skin sloppiness after an operative procedure or any surgery
  • If you would like an augmentation in the quality and texture of your skin
  • If you are unable or do not want to undergo a more offensive medical method to correct or improve your skin laxity

What are the enchanting benefits of thermage?

As we age, our skin starts to slump and droop with wrinkles adding to the mess. Thermage can tauten up these areas and reduce wrinkles without the invasiveness of a face-lift. It encompasses the use of radio waves to firm and lift the facial skin, tummy, knees, arms, legs or bottoms. It is good for those who don’t want a full face-lift, but still wish to invigorate their face and body and reduce the wrinkles and other signs of aging.

What about the outcomes and side-effects of thermage?

Results may show after the very first thermage session and the skin begins to tighten. The tightening may continue for the next 3 to 6 months. The procedure stimulates your body to construct new collagen and also encourages the body’s healing speed. Side-effects are sporadic with thermage but can take account of swelling, blisters, soreness, bumps and/or dimpling. However, all these side-effects get vanish within some weeks.