Skin loses its elasticity with age, and the years become evident in the drooping of the eyelids, crinkles around the eyes and sagging breasts or arms. Surgery to correct these unsightly features is not suitable, or preferred for many clients. However, an alternative to invasive surgery is now available, with the success of Thread Lift Treatment in Delhi by Dr. Hema Pant.


Thread Lift is a non-surgical body contouring technique, involving placement of barbed threads under the skin, which create a supportive net. Drooping skin is lifted and held in position by the threads.

Thread Lift can be performed for different areas- face, chin, neck, arms, breasts and tummy. It is very effective in removing double chin, saggy jowls and crinkles on the face. Being minimally invasive, this procedure does not leave any scars and when performed by an expert, has negligible chances of adverse effects. In fact, since the downtime required is far shorter than surgery, the procedure is also called a ‘lunchtime facelift’.

thread lift treatment

Dr. Hema Pant uses FDA approved barbed threads for performing Face Thread Lift in Delhi, which ensures safety and quality. With its cost-effectiveness, fast recovery period and fantastic results, Thread Lift Treatment has become a popular alternative to facelift surgery.

What is a thread lift?

The thread lift, also recognized as the feather lift, gentle lift or lunchtime facelift, is a fresher option available for those desiring negligibly invasive facelifts. As this process does not eliminate excess skin, it is idyllic for those forty five and under or those with nominal skin drooping with no severe loss of elasticity and no turkey neck. Contenders for this procedure should also not be frightened of needles. Thread lifts place perpetual sutures underneath the skin without giving the patient extensive scars around their ears. During this non-surgical body contouring technique, the plastic surgeon will use barbed FDA-approved threads to create a supportive net beneath the skin that will lift drooping skin and hold it in position.

Which imperfections can be rectifies using thread lift?

In spite of your drive for opting for thread lift, whether you desire to correct ageing skin or just wish to lift your confidence and get rid of a life-long complex, this process will be able to aid you fluently regain more youthful looks and you will get high self-confidence and a intensified self-esteem. This type of facelift is also idyllic for patients who struggle with:

  • Drooping cheeks and mid face
  • Slumped jowls
  • Sagging neck

What are the advantages of a thread lift?

Some of the advantages you can enjoy by undergoing non-surgical body sculpting or thread lifting are:

  • It is trivially invasive and is non-surgical
  • Scar-free alternative to face-lift
  • Results are more refined than a standard face lift
  • Low-priced than a full facelift
  • Down-time is strikingly less
  • Is adaptable if you hate the results and can be accustomed within one month to accomplish the results you demand
  • With a thread lift, you are excused of the lengthened major surgery that will necessitate a longer period of recovery too.

Are there some risks in this process?

Thread lifts, while quicker than regular cosmetic facelifts, aren’t hazard-free. Like normal surgical face-lift methods, patients will experience bleeding, septicity, swelling and staining. There is a likelihood that the threads will poke out of the skin or can be seen and/or felt underneath the skin. Disproportion of results or breaking of the thread can also occur. These actions will require remedial techniques as they won’t liquefy, but will stay in place forever unless perfectly adjusted.